Arabic Writing

Services I Offer


 I provide translations from German and French into British English (and sometimes American English) for a wide variety of clients around the world.

Proofreading and editing

I also provide a range of proofreading and editing services, from checking for spelling and grammar to ensuring consistency and correct style, as well as bilingual checking, e.g. checking an English translation against its German original.

Recent Projects include:

  • German > English translation of a package leaflet

  • German > English translation of a medical journal article

Specialist areas

I welcome all enquiries. However, the following areas reflect my particular experience or interests:




Having grown up with a medic as a father and had personal experience of illness I have found particular satisfaction in the medical field and have the necessary attention to detail and research skills required to translate the following:

  • Medical reports, particularly relating to cardiology

  • Journal articles 

  • Documents relating to clinical trials 

  • Summaries of product characteristics (SPCs)

  • Patient information leaflets

I also enjoy translating texts that give me a chance to exercise my creative side and which again reflect my interests and background (e.g. 25+ years as a musician and singer). I therefore welcome texts in the following fields:



The Arts, esp. music


Other texts I have translated are in the fields of marketing and business.

My personal and/or professional experience and background in these areas is complemented by my membership of the ITI Medical Network and ITI Media, Arts and Tourism Network as well as the ITI German Network and ITI French Network, giving me access to further training and other experienced translators, thus putting me in a very good position to translate your texts accurately and, where required, creatively.

My CV is available on request.


My minimum charge is £30. After that, costs are calculated per word depending on:  

  • subject matter

  • deadline